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What's in your Bath Bomb?

Posted by Team Olivia's Heritage on
Olivia's Heritage Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are uber popular for their ability to provide a nice calming experince in the tub.  How many photos do we see on instagram of women winding down after a long day with their favorite bath bomb maybe a glass of wine ... you know  the vibe. 

Bath Bombs are great for the following:

  1. Soothe your skin
  2. Improve circulation
  3. Prepare for sleep
  4. Fight a cold 
  5. Enhance the bathing experience


A great Bath Bomb can do so much to benefit a person's self-care enhancing the bathing experience.

But what ingredients do these bath bombs contain?

Many times they are infused with perfume oils that may contain toxic scents that can disturb your nervous system.  Many scents & other chemicals added may be neurotoxic and block the liver’s ability to detoxify properly.

Also, many women have reported breaking out in rashes or worse contacting a vaginal infection.   

Please understand all ingredients contained  in the Bath Bombs you purchase.  


Olivia's Heritage offers an all natural Bath Bomb filled w/ essential oils free of toxins and other harmful chemicals.  Bath Bombs available w/ CBD Oil for next level relaxation. 


We also offer bath bomb making classes! Check our events page for future classes

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