Anti-Aging Kit

  1. Defy both gravity and time with Olivia's Heritage anti-aging time-capsule. The power of plants an herbal combination of essential oils and hemp oils will make your skin look younger and radiant by the day. At the molecular level, this kit helps the skin produce collagen,  elasticity, and seals in moisture to build an environment of hydration to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles Olivia's Heritage recently developed a premium six-step regiment that will help you gain back and retain your skin's moisture. The kit includes five of our most popular organic skincare collections. 


    1. Bee Restored facial cleanser made with lavender. Also blended with honey,  oats, and aloe for a gentle but deep clean without dehydrating the skin.
    2. Forever Young Vitamin C toner will give an extra boost to maintain elasticity by aiding in collagen production.
    3. The Supernatural Hempie Hippie serum is crafted with organic hemp oil to reproduce cells for a healthier glow. This is combined with organic cold-pressed Argon oil which penetrates seven layers deep to deliver an effective carrier of hemp oil. This science-driven serum is foundational to an all-natural regiment to regenerate elasticity for a firmer, younger look. 
    4. Shelter sun protection is a daytime moisturizer to protect from UV rays with non-toxic chemicals to provide you with quality protection. 
    5. Liz Facial moisturizer-100% organic facial butter that may be used in the evening for deep intense hydration. Our Liz Facial Butter is crafted with lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass. 
    6. Rosie But Hip Mask made with 100% absolute oil to help with fine lines and wrinkles.  Argon Oil for deep intense hydration penetrating seven layers deep. Chamomile Extract to help soothe skin.