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Olivia's Story


In the early 1900s, a young widow named Olivia began handcrafting cheese, mustard and chocolate when she realized her local markets didn't offer the diversity in products and tastes she wished to explore. With Olivia's entrepreneurial spark ignited, she built her business with integrity, taking pride in the creativity and quality of her products, and the long-lasting relationships she forged with her customers.  An independent business woman who leveraged her intelligence with persistence and grit, four generations later Olivia’s spirit lives on in her great grand-daughter Nancy Duarte Welsh, founder of Olivia’s Heritage.   


Much like her great-grandmother, Nancy was frustrated that she couldn't seem to find affordable organic skincare for her daughter, who in her teen years began suffering from allergic reactions to many chemicals commonly used in commercial products.  What began as one experimental organic deodorant soon gained popularity among Nancy's family and friends, and within a year, the line had taken off.  Today, we at Olivia's Heritage are proud to offer a robust line of organic skincare and vegan makeup items.