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Acne With Extraction & High Frequency Facial

Acne With Extraction & High Frequency Facial

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 Say goodbye to the frustration of stubborn cystic acne with our powerful acne treatment formulas enhanced by the cutting-edge technology of high-frequency. We understand the challenges posed by persistent cystic acne, which can leave lasting physical, emotional, and mental scars. Our Acne Extraction and High-Frequency Facial combine potent treatment solutions with the thermal and oxygenating properties of high-frequency current for optimal results and clear, radiant skin.

The primary action of high-frequency technology is both heat-producing and oxygen-creating. This dynamic combination works to eliminate stubborn acne bacteria beneath the skin's surface, providing relief for even the most challenging acne conditions. Experience a transformation in your skin's health as you alleviate cystic acne symptoms and reduce the duration of breakouts.

Our comprehensive facial includes the following steps:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Deep Cleansing
  3. Steam
  4. Extraction
  5. High Frequency
  6. Mask
  7. Tone
  8. Serum
  9. Deep Hydration
  10. Healing Serum

Treat yourself to the ultimate solution for cystic acne with our Acne Extraction and High-Frequency Facial, designed to leave your skin refreshed, revitalized, and blemish-free.

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