Hyperpigmentation Kit

Our hyperpigmentation kit has been carefully put together for those of us that suffer from hyperpigmentation and melasma. Everything has been hand-selected to help you get your skin back to an even tone. You have ingredients like hibiscus and hyaluronic acid in our blossom serum to help you seal in moisture. Turmeric and carrot seed oil to provide an even skin tone to your skin for that glow you are looking for!  Vitamin C Toner will give an extra boost to maintain elasticity by aiding in collagen production.  Our Glow In A Jar is a  powerful facial butter that is used pm due to its photosensitive ingredients like turmeric frankincense and rosemary that help diminish fine lines in your skin and formulated to even out your tone on a daily basis. The kit also comes with a sunscreen to help you protect yourself from the sun and Shelter the power of plant-based products used on your skin.