Rescue Acne Kit

Olivia's Heritage is known throughout our organic skincare community for skin healing and rejuvenation. Our signature acne regimen is selected to address most acne-related symptoms to combat bacteria naturally. This kit is for anyone who wants to harness the power of plants to aid in the healing of their skin.  It includes essential oils and powder from turmeric, lavender, and tea tree known to help kill bacteria and scarring. 

Set includes:

  1. Signature cleansing bar- Powerful combination of tea tree cloves, lime, and lavender. All ingredients help kill bacteria causing the breakouts.
  2. Rescue Me Also Toner-Designed to help pH balance your skin to aid with redness, inflammation, and kill bacteria. 
  3. Equalizer- Designed to help you retain moisture, continue healing, and overall progress of your skin's rejuvenation.
  4. Glow In a Jar- Made with organic turmeric, carrot seed extract to help with redness,  hyperpigmentation,  acne, acne inflammation, and white clay to detox skin.
  5. Rescue Me Too-This blemish control is a powerful combination of oils to help with inflammation, ongoing breakouts, and scarring.