3 Easy Skincare Tips for the Summer

3 Easy Skincare Tips for the Summer

Summer 2021 is here in full affect. Now that we are not having to stay stuck inside, your skin is going to be soaking in all that sun. But, as much as we love taking in all that natural Vitamin D, we have to watch out for the overbearing heat and sweat can have your skin looking dry, cracked, to oily and broken out. 

So to help you out, we made a short list of do’s and do not’s to help your skin feeling looking and feeling the best this summer.

Stay Hydrated!


It’s the best thing that you can do for your mind and body. First thing you should do when you wake up is drink at least 8 ounces of water. You’d be surpassed how much better you feel when you have the proper water intake. 

When you are not drinking water to stay hydrated, keep your skin hydrated with our Maddie Mango Body Butter. The combination of Mango Butter, Shea butter and coconut oil deeply penetrate the 7 layers of your skin to keep you feeling hydrated and stuff.

A combination of drinking the proper amount of water and a good sin moisturizing routine will keep you hydrated inside and out!

Shelter yourself from the sun!

It’s no surprise that our 2nd tip would be to wear some type of sun protection. Believe it or not, you should be wearing sun screen every time you head out of the house. But don’t pick up one those aerosol sunscreens that are loaded with chemicals you can’t name. Our SHELTER SUN PROTECTION not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays without the use of harmful chemicals, but you skin will stay hydrated and soft!


You are what you eat! 

You’ve probably heard that one before! Well, it’s true! Eating right is not only on great of your own personal health, but probably one of the best things you can do for your skin.

So what should you avoid?

Refined sugars, processed foods and Diary products for starters. Studies show those who indulge in these types of foods are prone to suffer from a acne  breakouts and other types of foods! 

So instead of  ice cream and pick up some fruit or some veggies. You will be doing your skin, and health, a favor.


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