Why You Need a Back and Armpit Facial!

Why You Need a Back and Armpit Facial!

 Are you looking for a new road to relaxation and self-pampering? Look no further, because back and armpit facials could provide these neglected spots with some much-needed care. The different masks and skin care treatments can be just what your underarms and back need to get the loving they have been missing out on. If you feel like your back or armpits are dry and neglected, your search for relaxation could be over. 

Just like the skin on your face, back skin can break out. But unlike facial skin, people don’t normally consider a facial as an option to contain these break-outs.  Forgetting to take care of the skin on your back is exactly how it begins to break out and get irritated. A nice back facial every once in a while can help get rid of back acne, but the benefits don’t stop there. Back facials can help moisturize those hard-to-reach spots, and they can heal damaged and neglected skin. It’s not just facial skin that can glow and be renewed. The relaxation factor is not one that should be ignored either, because back facials can be great for releasing built up tension. Keeping your back skin healthy should be a priority, especially for people who emphasize self-care and wellness in their lives. 

Did you know your armpits are made of delicate skin? The balance and health of your armpits can be thrown off by neglect.  Keeping up this delicate skin can be forgotten easily, but armpits deserve treatment just like the rest of your skin. Harsh chemical deodorants and frequent shaving can damage the skin and lead to dry, malnourished underarms. Armpit facials can help soothe your irritated ingrown hairs and lighten dark spots. Not many people know about the natural bacteria found in your armpit, and the bacteria that smells worse can be amplified by non-natural deodorants. Armpit facials keep the bacteria in your underarms naturally balanced, keeping your underarms from smelling worse. Giving your malnourished and unbalanced armpits some long awaited relief could be a great way to pamper yourself.

Armpit and back facials normally take a back-burner in comparison to traditional facials, but they don’t need to. Traditional facials are also important, but keeping up healthy skin on your back and underarms is just as important. The best way to maintain your health is through balance, but you can’t claim to achieve balance if your back and underarms are in need of some TLC. Nurturing all-around healthy skin is about collective health, and an unhealthy back and underarms undermine this goal. Olivia’s Heritage is now offering back and underarm facials to help you keep your skin healthy, so make sure you take advantage!

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